We recommend creating a single Apple ID for all drivers. Here is how to create an Apple ID without using a credit card

If you have more than 10 devices, we recommend using a Mobile Device Manager. Apple makes one that is available for free that can be downloaded here.

Settings to configure:

  • iTunes & App Store
    • Automatic Downloads - Apps = ON (Download an app on one device and every device tied to that Apple ID will automatically download it)
    • Automatic Downloads - Updates = ON (Automatically install ParaPlan updates)
    • Use Cellular Data = ON (All the updates to happen even if the drivers are out of Wifi range)
    • Suggested Apps = OFF (This would put distracting icons on the lock screen as the driver goes by stores)
  • Messages
    • iMessage = ON
    • Read Receipts = ON
  • iCloud
    • Contacts = ON
    • Safari = OFF
    • Keychain = OFF
    • Find My iPhone/iPad = ON

ParaPlan needs the following permissions allowed (double check from Settings app on iOS and scroll down to ParaPlan):
  • Location (set to Always)
  • Motion & Fitness
  • Notifications
    • Allow Notifications On
    • Show in Notification Center On
    • Sounds On
    • Badge App Icon On
    • Show on Lock screen On
    • Alert Style = Alerts
  • Background app refresh
  • Camera
  • Cellular Data

The following restrictions can be put in place (General > Restrictions):
  • Safari
  • Deleting Apps
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • iTunes Store
  • iBooks Store
  • Podcasts
  • In-App purchases
Do NOT enable the Installing or Deleting Apps restriction as that will prevent ParaPlan updates.