We use Microsoft ClickOnce to deploy ParaPlan which is what allows it to do the automatic updates in the background.  Unfortunately, it occasionally hangs up on a workstation and has to be wiped out and ParaPlan reinstalled.  There are a few steps to clearing out ClickOnce.  Here are instructions for clearing it out and reinstalling ParaPlan.

1)  Uninstall ParaPlan through Add/Remove Programs (click Windows Start button and type appwiz.cpl is a shortcut to opening Add/Remove Program)

2)  Go to Task Manager (Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Esc is a shortcut to opening Task Manager) and End Task on Click Once process.  On Windows 7 it will be the process with Image Name dfsvc.exe (it will say ClickOnce in the Description column).  On newer Windows versions it will say ClickOnce for the name in the Task Manager and is usually near the top under Background Processes group.  Highlight the process by clicking on it and End Task.

3)  Open Windows File Explorer and type %appdata% at top and hit Enter.  This will take you to the Roaming folder under your AppData folder.  Move up one folder to AppData then go into the Local folder (So your folder path is something like C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local) .  Inside AppData\Local folder will be a folder named Apps.  Right click and Delete this folder.

4)  ClickOnce is now removed and you can re-install ParaPlan using this link http://bit.ly/paraplan 

As always, if you have any trouble with this contact us at support@engraph.com